Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is hangouts.bt?

Hangouts.bt is a online search and discovery services for finding all hangouts in Bhutan. Hangouts are places we usually go to spend out leisure time or have good food like restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, bakeries and confectioneries, bars, drayangs, clubs, karaoke, etc. Initially we’re focused on listing all hangouts in major towns like Thimphu, Paro and Phuentsholing.


Q2. How can we search hangouts on hangouts.bt website?

When you visit our website you will see a prominent search bar in the middle of our homepage where you can search any specific place or food you’re looking for. For example, if I want to have pizza, just type your search word and hit Enter. The website will list all hangouts that sell pizza in the particular area you are looking for that food.


Q3. Who started the hangouts.bt?

We’re team of young professionals bringing together wealth of business skills like management, communications, economics, and technology.


Q4. Where is hangouts.bt located?

We’re located in the heart of Thimphu town at Zangdopelri Shopping Complex.


Q5. Is listing of hangouts free or charged?

We’re listing the hangouts for free during our promotional period and will charge a nominal fee for listing after that.


Q6. How can we businesses list on hangouts.bt?

It’s very simple. You can call us and we shall send our information officers to fetch your information and your desired plan of listing on our website.


Q7. What is the benefit of getting listed on hangouts.bt?

There are many benefits. Hangouts.bt is being promoted as a one-stop-shop-information for anyone wanting to hangout in various places in Bhutan for food or to have fun. It applies to both the tourists and our own people. This information repository is put in a website where any user can find any listed hangout in Bhutan very easily.


So listed hangouts will have competitive advantage of attracting potential customers to your business in wake of market competition that has become inevitable in Bhutan. Apart from that hangouts.bt provides you with creative platform to market your business online with our high quality digital marketing AMD advertising making our platform visible on all popular websites.


Q8. What is the cost of getting listed on hangouts.bt?

We would like you to call our office number at 02-336974 to learn the rates of advertising.